10 Direct Mail Marketing Tips For Every Brand

Considering the obvious shift towards digital marketing, it is often hard to take a call on direct mail advertising. Let’s start by saying that direct mail is still effective, relevant and can offer assured returns on investment, if done right. In this post, we offer 10 tips that will help in getting better results.

  • Focus on your audience. If you are using direct mail for promotions alone, you might lose your customers. The idea is to understand the expectations of your audience before creating content.
  • Edit and proofread. No one wants to get a mail with multiple errors. Make sure that your content has been checked, edited, and proofread multiple times. Also, avoid all kinds of controversial information and factual errors.

  • Use IP targeting. If you want to blend the benefits of digital marketing and direct mail marketing, you have to focus on IP targeting, which is highly effective for sharing digital content to relevant customers.
  • Hire a good agency. The success of your marketing campaign depends largely on the agency working on it. Just make sure that the agency is experienced with different budgets and brands.
  • Update your lists. Mailing lists must be updated after a few months, and if you want to get more out of direct marketing, you have to spend more on this aspect.
  • Check the basics. Do your mails have an offer? Does it offer a way for the customer to respond back? These are important things you must check before sending a direct mail. Also, keep a check on the means of contact, which should include an email.

  • Update your website. The contemporary buyer is smart and will do what it takes to research about a product or brand. Make sure that your website is updated, and if required, consider a complete revamp.
  • Track your campaign. Contrary to what people often think, direct mail marketing is extremely scalable, and there are effective means of tracking the results. Talk to your agency to understand the options.
  • Set a budget. Yes, direct mails are more expensive than Facebook ads, and therefore, having a budget always helps.
  • Print great materials. With direct mails, you have to be careful about the print quality. More efforts on printing, design, colors, and paper can make a significant difference to the final mail.

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