5 Things to Consider While Renting a Self-Storage Unit

Are you lacking sufficient space at home to store extra belongings? You can find a suitable self-storage facility where they offer storage units on rent to stuff in the extra belongings cluttering in your garage space of the attic.

There are a few things consider while you are in the process of finding a self-storage unit to keep your belongings whether of your residence, office or the luggage when you are on a go—


You’ve to be strict about the location. For example, if you’re about to shifting a few excess belongings of your home or the boxes of documents of your business, you need to find a storage facility that is close to where you are. It’s completely unnecessary to drive down miles to reach the facility if you need the things daily or often. Hence, to save time and money, you should try to find a storage facility that is close to your place.


Shortlist the storage units considering the facilities they offer. You should finalize the facility covering most of your priorities. You must want the place to have the climate-controlling facility where you can safely preserve the expensive belongings such as the furniture, home decorative items such as chandeliers, lights, lamps, glassware, electronic home appliances, books, and clothes. This feature is mainly required at places with low or very high temperatures.

Again, you have to check whether the place is absolutely free from pests or not. The genuine facilities can show you the certificate mentioning the recent pest control they have undergone.


Make sure the self-storage facility you are choosing is completely secured. You will definitely opt for a facility that permits the 24/7 access to the storage units but at the same time, there must be guards or the manager there must have installed the surveillance cameras to keep an eye on the area.

Amiable Manager

Alongside these features, you have to make sure whether the manager there is amiable with the clients or not. Know about the experiences of the previous customers used the facility.


Make sure they must be charging standard rates for the storage units on rent. If required, you can compare the rates and negotiate the price, if you are intending to continue renting the place for quite a longer period of time.

So, these are the top 5 important things to consider when you are renting a self-storage unit.