5 Ways Designers Use Colour to Create Modern Offices

Designing an office space requires attention to detail on so many levels. There are challenges with the overall layout of the space, the furniture, deciding on how to plan breakout and meeting room space alongside desks, and aspects like interior decoration and colour. Colour plays a big part in office design, as the colour scheme in a room has a strong psychological effect on people. Of course, everyone is different, but there are ways in which designers use colour to help create different moods and increase productivity and happiness in the office. Here are a few examples of how colour is used effectively in office design.

  1. Red for Dynamism

Red is a powerful colour and is often used, according to Commercial People, as an accent colour in an office building as it helps to encourage energy and activity. Red is an excellent colour for helping promote feelings of strength, although it can go the opposite way and give rise to anger. It is best used in areas where there is a good sense of activity such as a gym or in a meeting room.

  1. Blue for Calm

Blue is a great colour for designers when they are working on an office building. Blue creates feelings of calm, trust, and reflection. It is a cool colour and can help put people at ease. It is often used in reception areas, meeting rooms, and breakout rooms.

  1. Green for Harmony

Green is a useful and adaptable colour for modern offices. It is linked to nature, the outdoors, and balance. It is also a very good colour for concentration and focus, and therefore designers often use green in the office spaces where people work. It is also a good colour for a statement wall in a cafeteria or in a space where people relax, such as a yoga room.

  1. Purple for Creativity

Purple is a vital, interesting colour and it helps to promote creativity and energy. It also has a lot of warmth so it is a great colour for designers to use in breakout spaces and place where people frequently collaborate with ideas.

  1. Orange for Vibrancy

Orange is the perfect colour for fun and playfulness. It is good for a space in the office where people are working hard for short periods of time, and it is also a good colour for a bright dining room or reception area.

Image: Image courtesy of jk1991/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net