Common Problems with Roller Shutters

Anything that has moving parts can break down at some point, even outdoor window shutters. If they are motor driven, then there is a greater chance they will malfunction because there are even more moving parts involved, along with batteries and sensors that can discharge or malfunction. Here are some of the more common problems requiring shutters to need service to repair them so they can work properly again.

Excessive Noise

Whether your shutters are motorised or hand-cranked, they can start squeaking or rattling when they are being rolled up or down. Fortunately, this is an easy repair issue and usually there isn’t need to call for a service technician. Try spraying a lubricant into the mechanism and on the chain to lubricate the inner workings. Doing this should quiet any noises being made, help them roll up and down more smoothly, and extend the life of the moving parts of the mechanism.

Stops Working

If your roller shutters are motorised but won’t work when using the remote or the push button inside of your home or business, don’t panic. The remote and the indoor switch usually run on batteries so if nothing happens when the buttons are pushed, the batteries need to be changed. However, if you change the batteries and nothing happens, you need to call for a technician in case something is wrong with the motor.

Broken Lever

For window shutters that are manually cranked, the lever can sometimes break. If this happens to you, there are no easy fixes and the lever will need to be replaced. You can contact someone from the company you bought the roller shutter from and put in a service call or take the handle along with the make and model number with you to a home improvement store to order a replacement lever to install yourself.

Shutter Conversions

If you own manually-cranked shutters and they are becoming more difficult for you to use, you should consider converting them to electricity. Roller shutter companies have technicians who can replace the manual device with a motorised one so that you can operate them with the touch of a button. Instead of buying a new set of shutters, simply have yours motorised so they can be operated by remote, by a switch indoors, or automatically via a sensor.

Yearly Maintenance

The best way to keep your shutters operating correctly is to have them regularly maintained. Twice a year, you should have a technician out to sweep out debris and dirt from the inner mechanisms and lubricate them as well as the chain. They can also wash the curtain to make sure that everything always works well.

Since some shutters act as security or are fire-rated shutters, it is very important they work correctly and do not malfunction during an emergency. By following these tips and having the shutters regularly maintained, you can keep them operating properly so that they cover your windows to help protect your home and personal belongings while you’re away from your house.