Four Reasons to Mount Your Flat Screen TV

With more and more TV advancements happening each year, it can be exciting to consider what type of monstrous entertainment device may be available this time around next year. However, what flat screens lose in bulk behind the screen, they gain in the sheer height and width of their structure. For this reason, it may be in your best interest to consider a wall mounting service before you purchase that beautiful new TV you saved up for this year.

Save Space

Placing a TV on a piece of furniture is not only lacking in practicality, but could also pose a potential threat of injury or property damage. Imagine what type of situation could be caused by a single inquisitive child’s hand or the misguided steps of a family pet. The size and durability needed to safely support most modern TVs would also mean a costly additional purchase just to have your TV placed in the middle of the room.

However, moving your TV up onto the wall would completely remove the need for another large piece of furniture. You could also have more space in your living area for pets, children, and guests to enjoy at their leisure. If placed high enough, and if the cords are properly managed, you could have your TV at the perfect viewing angle without taking away more than a few centimetres of living space.

Modern Appearance

TV wall mounting installation is exceptionally cost-effective, especially when you consider the positive change to the feel of the living room. Your TV will add to the modern feel of the space while allowing you to create an ultra-clean and approachable look for the room. Most mounts keep your TV between 2.5 and 8 centimetres from the wall, which can make the TV a focal point of any room while creating a “floating” effect.

Optimal Viewing

Mounting your TV on one wall is not done with just one benefit in mind, for there are many different advantages to this option. There is an optimal viewing angle for any size of TV that will maximise your viewing experience from all angles of the living room. The height is carefully chosen by the mounting team to achieve this optimal viewing angle, so it is important that you allow only trained professionals to have such a task done for you.

Fast and Simple

Having a professional crew perform the mounting will ensure that you never need to worry about a costly mistake. Improperly mounting your TV could cause it to eventually fall without warning, potentially harming anyone underneath it and definitely causing serious damage to the floor and TV. It is also possible that the damage caused by this accident will not be covered under homeowner’s insurance, meaning you could avoid the potential risk of paying for new floors and a TV out of pocket by just bringing in an expert from the beginning.

Mounting services are fast and simple, and most projects are completed in a matter of minutes. Having this team in your home will ensure the TV is mounted properly and safely while keeping viewing satisfactory in the future. Guests will absolutely want to know what you did to make your living room so attractive.