Seven Tips to Help you when you Bid at Storage Auctions

Some people think that it is not so difficult to luck into purchasing a storage unit that has a small fortune in ancient samurai sword or coins. Although these things can be found in abandoned storage units, this is not the norm. It is likely that you will find bicycles and baby strollers. Here are pieces of advice for people who do not have experience with bidding at storage auctions.

You Smell a Great Deal

The secret to purchasing a great storage unit is taking a whiff. When you detect mothballs, that unit can be a great found. This is because those who keep clean homes usually keep clean storage units sometimes using mothballs. When the unit smells bad, just walk away. Storage units that smell bad are likely to have junk inside or items nobody wants.

Do Not Walk Away Quickly

One the other side, when a unit smells bad, you can buy it from just a dollar. Auctioneers are quite motivated to sell their units, free the storage facility from having to remove contents. Storage auctions that can begin at $20 could end with the buyer paying just $1.


Purchase Later in the Week

Mondays are the times storage auctions tend to be really crowded. This is when those making a living by selling auction-purchased items have cash from their sales in the weekend. And these people are quite ready to stock up. Waiting until Friday or Saturday to be in a storage auction can have you getting a cheap self storage unit.

Auctions on Mondays Can be Worthwhile

Sure, competition is high on Mondays; however, auctions in affluence location of high rent are usually set on Mondays so that the facility can have a higher recovery rate. And the units in affluent areas tend to have the greatest finds.

Prepare Yourself Physically

You should wear comfortable shoes and get ready to work. Remember that cleaning a storage unit out is a demanding job. You will need to totally empty and sweep out the unit you buy. This can require plenty of physical labor so be ready to work like you are moving somewhere when you win a storage auction.

Hard work is its own reward. A lot of retired people who purchased storage units are in great shape. And the reason is from moving all those things.


Bring a Van or Truck

Make sure you arrive at an auction in the right vehicle. The facility may give you as little as two days to clean out your purchased storage unit so try to make the most of your time by bring the correct vehicle to the auction.

Never Get Yourself Blacklisted

It is imperative to follow the auction rules and clean out the locker you purchased. If not, you might not be able to take part in a storage auction again. Auctioneers keep a list of individuals they don’t allow to bid at their auctions. And many of them share this list with fellow auctioneers.