Six Reasons to Rent a Copier

These days, copy machines are important components of the document management systems of any office. But because of the cost associated with modern machines, a lot of companies choose to lease a copier machine in Singapore instead of buying the machine outright. Here’s why they decide to lease.

Use High-Technology Copy Machine

Copy machine technology is constantly on the move. And companies choose to rent a copier so they can upgrade to a more advanced model during the lease period. This makes sure that their people can access the best technology. Purchasing a copier leaves companies the responsibility to upgrade their equipment. But leasing provides them access to already-upgraded machines.

Arranging Disposal is not an Issue

A lot of companies believe that they can just throw away an old copy machine, without knowing that there are regulations in terms of safe disposal of IT equipment. Such regulations can make the disposal process costly and time-consuming. But, leasing a copier gives the burden to the copier rental company.

Down Payments May not be Required

Typically, copier leases don’t require down payments. Therefore, companies don’t need to deal with upfront costs. Although purchasing a copier will tie up working capital, leasing enables them to save their free cash for other important purposes.

Leasing Terms are Flexible

Copy machines are not cheap and companies don’t find it easy to pull together enough money to purchase a copier. Instead of considering taking a loan to purchase one, it is best for companies to lease a machine. This is because leases provide more flexible terms with easier requirements for approval than loans.

There are Tax Benefits

At tax time, leasing office equipment like copy machines can be quite beneficial because the money a company pays to the rental company will be deductible as a business expense on its tax return. Such savings help in offsetting the lease cost, decreasing the company’s overall expense.

Repair Costs are Shouldered by the Rental Company

A lot of copier rental companies will take care of the repair and the cost associated with it in case the leased machine has some issues. They will deliver required copier consumables on a monthly basis, including toner, ink and paper. Moreover, they guarantee their clients a few hours of response time on all service problems. Thus, businesses don’t have to wonder when a repair technician will arrive to fix the machine’s problem.