The Benefits of Custom Foam Inserts

If you have made the decisions to purchase an aluminium case you will have done so in order to transport expensive equipment such as musical instruments, scientific and technical equipment, cameras, drones, or for sporting equipment and clothing. There is a range of reasons why an aluminium case is the right purchase for your needs, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Having an aluminium case that also comes with bespoke custom foam inserts adds that other layer of protection and insulation to protect what’s inside your aluminium case.

Working with an aluminium case provider that also offers custom foam inserts of a bespoke nature ensures that you are being looked after to your exact specification. Your case will have been bought for a variety of reasons but always with an eye on the protection of what you need to travel with. For those bits of expensive kit you should be looking to do everything in your power to add as much protection as possible. A custom foam insert means that your equipment will fit snuggly inside another layer and not be prone to the bumps and bruises associated with some cases, where the equipment can rattle around and bounce off the inside of the casing.

You know that every time you travel your case is moved it will be bumped. You might have to throw the case around, into the back of the car, and then again when you get on your train or flight. It might be dragged along the floor at your destination. A foam material added to the interior and cut exactly to the specification of the piece of equipment that the case will be used for ensures that it is placed like a hand within a comfortable glove, and protected from the outside world. There is nothing safer for expensive equipment than an aluminium case with a custom foam insert. Not only does the exterior of the case provide durability, a lightweight nature and sturdiness that makes the case useful for years to come!

If you own something expensive enough to warrant buying an aluminium travel case then why wouldn’t you want to try and add another layer of protection in the form of a custom foam insert. For drones, tools and other vital and expensive equipment, musical instruments and cameras, an aluminium case with a customer foam insert provides that vital added layer of security and protection that gives the owner peace of mind that even when the case isn’t in their own hands, the equipment inside is as safe as can be.