The Key Benefits of Group Litigation

Group litigation has become a more popular legal approach in the UK in recent years, as the vulnerable individuals who have felt put down upon by large corporations look for ways in which they can fight back. Group Litigation is the term used for a collective legal redress, or when a group of individuals with a similar complaint, come together to make a joint legal complaint against the person or organisation they feel has done them wrong. In comparison to individually making a legal complaint, there are a number of key benefits to group litigation, negating some of the potential pitfalls you would face as an individual.

Sharing of Legal and Case Knowledge – One of the first key benefits to being part of a group litigation action is that by being part of a wider group of likeminded individuals who have suffered at the hands of a large organisation, you can share what you know. The legal advice is shared amongst the group, as is any documentation that has arisen as a result of any of the individual’s claims against the wrongdoer. For those looking to pursue a legal claim on their own it would be a completely independent case, with individual legal research, documentation, advice, litigation and cost.

Reduce the Cost Risks – There will always be legal costs for each individual claimant to make, even as part of a group litigation action, but what can be done is a plan to limit the impact of the risk of paying the other sides costs. Funding arrangements can be discussed, planned and put in place to assist the group litigation as a whole. This way the risk of paying the costs can be significantly reduced, a much more favourable approach than looking to fund each individual case within a group looking to claim against a larger organisation.

Plan Thoroughly – Lastly, a major key benefit to group litigation action is that it allows for the use of test cases, sampled from within the group. So one individual case can be tested that can have an impact on the rest of the group and its claimants. Funding each individual claimant can be costly, especially if you run into complications or decisions that don’t run in your favour. By funding individual test cases, the costs of bringing these into the court are vastly reduced due to the group as a whole being involved. Also, a decision made on a test case, can then be used throughout the rest of the group.

Group litigation action is a sensible approach for those individuals who feel hard done by and helpless in the face of a large company. Coming together with those who have suffered in a similar fashion allows you to cut costs, benefit from strength in unity and have better legal representation through shared knowledge and ideas.