Tips for boosting Traffic on your magento website

Magento is a php written open-source ecommerce platform which helps in creating ecommerce websites.
Just like every other custom or cms based website, traffic is the main requirement. There are many methods available on the internet but here we will list some of the effective tips which can help you boost traffic.

Let’s check them out.

Sharing buttons on a Magento website: Sharing buttons are helpful in increasing traffic of any website. Visitors can share a product, product image, category, product or a blog post on from a Magento website., with just one click.

Magento Social Share enables them on above-mentioned modules of the website.
Sharing on social media increases traction as well as traffic from social media which is of high quality.

Schema for Magento: Schema is very effective in driving traffic from search engines. On a Magento website, schema can be implemented for products. Links with schema tags enabled appear differently in search results, which draws searcher’s attention.

More schema tags can be explored by visiting

SEO plugin for Magento: SEO indeed is a primary requirement for gaining traffic on any website. Applying SEO best practices on a website makes it search engine friendly and increase chances of ranking better than the previous position.

Raking up automatically boosts organic traffic.

SEO plugin detects, lists and fixes SEO related changes on the website.

Mobile responsive Theme: Mobile devices have outnumbered desktop users in usage. Mobile being a handy device helps a user to make quick decisions which include many conversion goals like subscribe, buy, visit, call etc.

A Magento theme should be mobile friendly so that it can become accessible to users browsing on any mobile resolution. This will help a Magento website to leverage traffic generated from the mobile devices.

Go Social: Social media is an efficient platform to get traffic from. Create official social media pages to attract social media users of your choice. Invite people, run campaigns on your social media pages. After getting likes, post relevant content related to your website like blog posts, exclusive products, discounts to drive traffic from social media.

Do include open meta graph tag plugin on Magento website so that the share links look beautiful with images, optimized title and description.

This will increase chances of getting clicks on social shares.

These are some of the efficient tips for your Magento website which will definitely help in boosting your website traffic.