Top Advantages Of Having An Adhaar Card

In 2009, Adhaar card was launched with the objective of giving a universal identification to all the Indian residents. On June, 2017, the Supreme Court passed a judgment for linking the Adhaar card with PAN so that the tax payers can be benefited with the merge. Adhaar is actually the database maintained by the Indian government containing the details of every individual.

The Adhaar card holders are abided with a unique number. The card also proves the name, nationality, permanent address, and age of the concerned person. If you are an Indian resident and want to get access to all the subsidies and the facilities offered by the government for the public welfare then having an Adhaar card is mandatory. Though it has now become mandatory for the Indian citizens but there are still places where people are not concerned about applying for the Adhaar.

The Indian government runs a website where you can apply for the Adhaar and can also get the option for Adhaar card download. If you want to link the Adhaar with your PAN, LPG, Voter’s card, you can also do it online or with the help of any agent that is a pro in doing such jobs.

Find out some of the advantages of having an Adhaar card—

Passport in 10 days

In India, without Adhaar card you are not eligible to apply for passport. With an Adhaar card, you can apply for the passport and get the approval within the 10 days from applying. You can also abstain from the police verification which takes a lot of time and get the job delayed. But now, the police verification can be done later on and you can get the passport easily with the Adhaar number. Make sure it is compulsory.

Linking the Voter ID card

From March 9th, 2015 the Indian citizens are given the permission to merge the Adhaar card with voter ID card. This is a viable way to prohibit the false voters during the elections. If the voters carry the voter ID cards that have been linked with the Adhaar, they can possibly resist the false voters with many fake voter IDs.

For Opening a Bank Account

Banks nowadays not only demand the KYC during opening an account, they ask it quite often for various reasons, especially, during the renewal of the fixed deposits and so on.

Apart from these advantages, you can also receive the subsidy that is sent to the bank account directly by linking it with Adhaar card.