What you should know about Piston Pins

In order to understand the function of piston pin, you should be aware of what a piston pin is. Popularly known as wrist pin, this hardened steel pin would connect the connecting rod to the piston of the engine. The pin has been made hollow to reduce its weight. The major function of the pin is to be placed using several methods. A number of factory stock pistons would come equipped with piston pin being pressed in the connecting rod. It would not be wrong to suggest that high performance pistons would be held in place using aluminium buttons or wire clips.

Installation of new piston pin

In case, you were installing new piston pin, it would be pertinent that the pins should be thoroughly oiled where the pin would pass the piston. In event of lack of lubrication, the pin would result in seized piston almost every time. The connecting rod usually generates high heat. As a result, any lack of adequate lubrication would imply the pin causing to fall into the piston. It would be dangerous to the engine, as the piston could be locked on to the pin. The result would be broke connecting rod or engine block.

Manufacturing of piston pin

A number of piston pin manufacturers would make use of hardened steel for high performance applications of the pin. These pins have been made to be durable and strongest to withstand high horsepower needs. Using high quality material for pin manufacturing would enable the pin to have reduced weight. It would assist in the engine being able to accelerate at a quicker rate, as compared to equally prepared engines encompassing heavier pins. The lighter pins have become the need of the hour for most companies.

Purchasing the high quality pin

In case, you have been searching for high quality piston pins, you would be required to surf the online realm. Among the several companies that you may come across, a popular name in piston pin manufacturing would be zoppelletto. The company has been providing to your piston pin needs for a significant length of time. The company has been popular for providing high quality piston pins for all industries. All you would need to do is getting in touch with the company by filling a simple form on the website. The executives of the company would contact you and aim to provide piston pins suitable to your needs and requirements at an affordable price.