Why Polyurethane Method Is Good For Slab Lifting?

For repairing a sunken or settled concrete slab there are three options including –

  • Replacing
  • Grinding
  • Raising

Concrete contractors need three on-site trips to replace simple slab that includes demolish, removing, framing, pouring, and joint cutting. In addition, the limitation of disposing concrete gets added to the replacement cost.

Therefore, repairing is the option most property owners plan to take. Mud-jacking is the historical repair technique applied before the current popular poly-jacking or polyurethane method got established.

In mud-jacking, sand based grout gets pumped under the slab. Pump applies mechanical force to lift slab in its original place. In poly-jacking, high density polyurethane material is injected under the slab. This foamy material expands and pushes slab gently back in place.

Grinding is short-term solution, where good concrete slab is grinded off to match sunken slab. Concrete replacement is a disruptive and expensive solution.

Polyurethane is a good option

Mud is replaced with polyurethane foam material. Specialized polyurethane concrete filling is designed with optimal expansion characteristics, better adhesion, and speedy set up. This allows the contractors to control the lifting process precisely.  Unlike messy mud-jacking task, in poly-jacking few small holes need to be drilled, thus leaving clean looking job. Mud-jacking is a messy task. In addition, the resources and equipment required are also very less in comparison.


  • A vehicle attached to an enclosed trailer that houses the polyurethane system.
  • Indoor material storage
  • Polyurethane materials
  • Saw and concrete drill
  • One-man crew

Heavy labour and equipment is necessary in mud-jacking but polyurethane method needs limited equipment, labour, less clean up.

Eco-friendly process

The process is eco-friendly because it does not impact the surrounding. Recycled material is used for producing foam material. Even if the concrete gets disposed in landfills polyurethane easily breaks under sunlight. Unlike grinding, polyurethane technique is a permanent solution because the foam material is solid and does not change shape.


Besides ease, polyurethane method offers better quality repair. polyurethane foam concrete lifting offers significant ROI. Material cost is more in comparison to mud but you can gain from less downtime, less mess, and less visible repairs.


Fill materials used in Mud-jacking do not last long because they eventually lose density. Polyurethane concrete fill is lightweight but never loses density. Fill material used in mud-jacking is heavy, so large holes are drilled in comparison to poly-jacking. Therefore, repairs using polyurethane method are invisible.