Your Guide For Making The Most Of Load Boards

The trucking industry is huge, and more often than not, shippers and freight brokers have a tough time in finding carriers. Similarly, carriers may have available trucks, but they often don’t find the required connections and contacts. A trucking load board aims to solve all these problems by offering a common platform. These are online services, which connect freight brokers, carriers and shippers together and allow the choice of finding each other, so as to business in a more profitable way.

How to get started?

The first obvious step is to find a load board that you can rely on. There are both paid and free options, but just because a load board is paid doesn’t mean it is the best in business. In fact, paid load boards often have a lot of screenings for listing carriers, and therefore, you might not find the smaller services as a shipper. Check for the right website, such as, and get registered. You might be able to see some of the information without registering, but to get complete assistance from the load board, registration is more than important.

What can you expect?

A number of load boards have thousands of registered motor carriers, so finding an option in your location is not hard at all. You can also post your requirements, and if there is a perfect match, the load board will send an email to you and the concerned carrier in real time. It is easy to find thousands of available trucks, and the alerts on email only help in sorting options. For motor carriers, the advantages are varied too. Firstly, they can post about their available trucks, which will be checked directly by freight brokers and shippers. They can also check thousands of credit reports of freight brokers, which is offered selectively by certain websites. As for the email alerts, they can get notified, when a load is posted and matches the location and other details.

As you can guess, load boards are getting more pertinent and relevant in the trucking industry. If you need to know more, you can always check the website of the concerned service. Most websites are easy to use, but do check their registration process in detail. You may also want to check if the concerned load board is a recognized one and whether they have a good name in the industry and offer factoring services.