Consider these Four Important Elements when Deciding on your Product Packaging

Products make the world thrive and their packaging can help ensure they reach their shipping destination in their best form. Also, the packaging plays an important role in the overall quality of the product they contain. When it comes to product packaging, having a sleek design and a top-end brand is vital.

Below are the main elements of product packaging that should not be ignored:

Ability to Travel Well

Apart from having a killer packaging design, product packaging must have the ability to travel from one destination to another with minimal to zero damage. For bulky or fragile products, it is imperative to use a packaging material designed for strength. In case the products will stay on shelves, there should be more emphasis on their packaging’s external design.

Packaging with stacks well such as a two-piece rigid box which can be picked up easily and put in a cargo hold will help. For heavy-duty products, packaging made from sturdy materials such as corrugated board is a good option to ensure optimal support for the products.

Packaging Material

To make sure the products are housed in the right material, pick the weight or thickness of the material. Find out the right material that works best for your products and make it a foundation of your packaging decision. Your options include:

  • Corrugated.  This material is a board consists of fluted medium paper laminated to it. It is study and versatile which makes them perfect for produce, heavy, or fragile items. This material is often used to make subscription, E-commerce packages, and shipping cartons
  • Paperboard. This is a lightweight material that offers great printing results. It is best used for dairy, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, retail, and hardware products.

For specific choices, check out


In case your product is available in four different sizes, think about designing a couple of package sizes which will accommodate all four. This can be achieved by having a savvy design and economical dimensions. Apart from saving you time and money, this ensures consistency throughout your products. The idea here is to never stuff your box with products it cannot hold easily and comfortably.


This is about how people will open and interact with your packaging. Depending on your product’s nature, your packaging must suit its shape and size as well as the needs of your customers. Keep in mind that frustrated people who will find it hard to access your product may not come back to you for more.