Five Things To Know About Custom Business Checks

Right after you get a business checking account for your company, you have to consider getting custom check. Paper checks are not popular these days but are still very relevant. Checks are meant for financial needs, but you can use it effectively to promote your business and add more relevance and credibility to financial deals. If you are ordering checks from a regular bank, you will not have the multiple options that you are looking for. This is precisely why many companies choose to hire professional services to order business checks. Here are some of the things that you need to know before placing the first order.

  • First things first, you need to understand the need for customization. Back in the past, custom checks were not very popular, mainly because there were added costs involved. However, with reduced printing costs, you can actually get a good deal. If done right, custom checks are hard to replicate and can be used as an exclusive tool for marketing, as well.

  • The design is something that needs more attention than other aspects. A custom check will have all the other things like a regular check – the recipient’s name, amount, signature and stamp of the company. Besides these things, you can choose to get your logo and slogan on the check, as well. You can choose to talk to your bank to know about the placement of the logo on the check.
  • Please note that the color scheme is extremely significant, but you cannot go overboard with the colors either. Make sure that you choose something that’s more professional, such as pale blue, off white or even tan.
  • As for additional security, you can go for watermarks and special inks. Check fraud is a serious offence and can cause massive financial damage to your company, besides denting your reputation. Talk to a few services to know the special printing options that can be used for your company’s custom needs.

  • Lastly, get a quote from some of the known services, so that you can compare them better. It’s important to find a company that can work in a budget and can ensure all the basic color schemes and additional security features are included.

A good customized check can represent your business beyond the value that it stands for! Take a look online and you will find all the options, based on what you need!