Summer is one of those times that if executed correctly, can be a blessing. With the warm breeze tickling your ankles, what is there to complain about? Body odour for one. Before I go off on a tangent, here it is: The Column’s Summer Etiquette Guide.

Socks…or lack of
Man has invented many a thing. For shoes, he has invented the sock. The function of such item is to prevent sweat from being directly absorbed as well as rubbing the skin on the harder body of the shoe. If I meet a guy who is hot, has a great outfit right down to the Serengeti sunglasses ,but all I think about are his moist toes swimming in his Converse, chances are he won’t be buying me that drink. Gentlemen, put a sock on it (unless you’re wearing sandals!).

In the city, it is never suitable to go topless. As tempting as you may believe you are, we do not want to see your moobs, guts or even six-packs. Put ‘em away and have some shame!

Again, Man has exceeded technology and invented the anti-perspirant. Use the anti-perspirant, carry the anti-perspirant with you, and be One with the anti-perspirant. A guy once said I was offensive for spraying deodorant on in a public place. Honey, your pungent whiff was offensive.

Unless you are a competitive swimmer, stay away from Speedos. End of.

Let’s get this straight. I do not have an issue with toes – we all have them. The thing is, I love the rugged look as much as the next guy, but what is imperative is that some men consider themselves exemplary from physical grooming. Basic grooming is definitely mandatory and never “too feminine.” Worse still, try and keep your feet out of flip-flops – unless on holiday. Now, if you do want to wear a pair of sandals, wash your feet, cut your toe nails and moisturise that heel!

A well-groomed guy reads clean, considerate to others, and confident. Don’t just think that this is just for the summer though – foot care should be maintained all year round!Using these tips, ensure that you present yourself accordingly, otherwise you’ll find yourself stuck on the wrong side of the beating sun, style, and sweat!