Using Rental Storage Units? Consider these Helpful Tips First

Over the year’s people have been tenants in many self storage units as sometimes they need more space. There are plenty of reasons to rent a unit; however, there are so many tips and tricks to consider along the way that storage companies do not mention as their customers sign to the service. The following are some things that people have learned in the adventures of paid storage.

Importance of Pallets

Keeping your belongings off the floor is nearly vital. This can be silly; however, before you rent the unit you cannot guarantee that they melting snow will not come under the door or the adjacent storage unit will not a spill which will soak its way into your stuff.

Wrap Whatever You Can

Whenever you use a storage unit you warp what you can using industrial plastic wraps. This allows you to know that the items that are sealed up tightly and they will not collect creepy crawlies or dust while they are in the unit.


Make Use of A Hefty Small Lock

While the majority of units are made secure, this does not mean they will always pay attention. Look for an all-weather padlock which comes with a short arm in order to make sure add a bolt cutter cannot slide its way in to be opened.

Don‘t forget to label

While you definitely know what you’re putting into your unit, this does not mean that you will not be in six months not digging and opening random boxes for a long time until you find what you are looking for. You need to label everything including the obvious and hidden. In fact, you can consider having a checklist which hangs inside the door to tell you where something might be.


Be Ready for Changes in Temperature

In some parts of the country this might not be an issue. However, there are some things that do not like the heat or the cold and must be either well insulated, not stored at all are double wrapped. Vinyl records, electronics and old photos are some things that can come out less awesome if not properly stored.

If It Is Winter Don’t Forget To Carry Sand

The majority of outdoor storage units are made so the water will drain away from doors and to a central location. However, what usually happens is that big ice slicks will form outside the door which will make it nearly impossible to get to your items without having to risk your life.  Carry sand or spare sheets of plywood to help you in accessing or unloading your belongings.

Protect the Space

Although you are concerned about protecting the things you put into your unit, it is also important to protect the unit itself. Keep in mind that there can be heavy fines when the unit is being scarred during your tenancy. Ensure you plastic off the floors and walls to catch sprays and blue drips.


File Up the Boxes

Know that even the smallest unit can hold a big deal so try to use the space smartly. Therefore pack items all the way to the ceiling. To stabilize layers while you stack them up, bring in plywood that you can lay across many boxes. This will take the pressure off your boxes’ tops and help in keeping things safe.