What Makes MAC Valves the Highest Quality Solution?

When it comes to finding pneumatic valve solutions you are unlikely to find anything more technically advanced than MAC Valves. The innovative approach from MAC Valves has led to it becoming the leading light within the industry. This guide has been designed to give you as much information as possible about the product, its uses within industry and ensure you are fully informed before searching for a MAC Valve supplier in your area.

Within the industry, MAC Valves are known as being a provider of ‘Valves That Don’t Stick’, providing clients with industry-specific solutions that are based around high levels of reliability and consistency. All of this adds up to products that last a very long time without ever losing the standard of performance over time. To back this up, all MAC Valves are provided to customers with a lifetime coil guarantee and an 18-month guarantee.

MAC Valves can be used within a wide range of industries, offering bespoke solutions in areas such as food processing, the automotive industry, dust collection solutions, sorting, liquid dispensing, tyre production procedures, packaging, material handling and the production of glass and plastics, to name just a few.

The manufacturing process of MAC Valves has been designed to fit the needs of the customer, with a range of pneumatic products with various functionality options. The vast majority of MAC products have been modified to suit the needs of the specific customer and industry it has been purchased to be used within. This level of detail within the manufacturing and testing process is what makes MAC Valves stand out from the crowd within such a highly competitive industry.

What are the Advantages of MAC Valves?

In terms of precision and reliability there is no better brand to use. The high flow rate that the valves provide you will help to speed up any process it is assisting, without experiencing a decline in the performance and integrity of the equipment. Testing of the valves ensures that they can last up to 100 million cycles (or around 10-years on average). When the valves are used within a high pressure scenario this means that a higher number of cycles can be completed each minute, without losing the quality of performance. This cannot be matched within the marketplace at this time.

Maintenance issues are also an attractive attribute of MAC Valves, with very little required over the lifespan of the valve. The long lifetime of the product and the consistency of performance leads to less downtime to fix an operation, leading to greater control over costs for a company.

Another great benefit is the precision of the performance. Within industries such as manufacturing, tyre production and pharmaceuticals there is a need for reliability, consistency and a fine attention to detail. Only MAC Valves can guarantee this.

If you are in the market for a pneumatic commercial valve, this innovative and highly focussed approach to detail, performance and consistency is what helps MAC Valves stand out from the crowd. Be sure you search for your nearest supplier of MAC Valves.