Your Guide For Selecting A Corporate Photographer For Business Portraits!

Photography is all about vision. Clicking a selfie on your expensive camera phone is not the same getting a shoot done by a professional photographer. Also, the world of photography has many branches, and corporate photography is one of them. For the uninitiated, corporate photographers specialize in taking headshots and business portraits, besides attending and taking photos at events and meetings. The role of a corporate photographer is a multidimensional one. These are professionals who understand the need for corporate branding and can work according to the needs of the client. If you need a service for business portraits photography, we have a guide that will make things simple.

  • Review their profile. A regular photography service may have the same cameras and equipment, but taking headshots or specific business portraits require a considerable amount of expertise. First things first, find a service that specializes in corporate photography and review some of the work they have done so far.
  • Ask for references. If a corporate photographer has worked on business portraits for the longest time, they will offer client references on request. Call up a few of their corporate clients and ask them about their experience of working with the photographer and their extended teams.
  • Find more on the team. Most corporate photography services work in team, with many photographers, setup experts, technicians, and assistants coming together to get a project done. Make sure that the company you choose has the required manpower to handle your requirements.
  • Ask for an estimate. Stay away from photographers who charge a fixed price for each day to take endless business portraits. That’s not how professionals work. In the ideal case, you can expect to pay a fixed price per person. Headshots usually cost around $100 or $150, while business portraits can cost $200 at the basic level. This usually includes the cost of setup and post production work.

  • Consider the shooting location. Many services have their own studios, so you can actually go with the team to get business portraits and headshots done, and this can be a good way of team outing. In some cases, on-location shoots are better. If you are confused as what kind of setup you should opt for, always talk to their team and discuss your purpose and goals to get a fair idea of the best option.

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